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So 4th July....

We will be opening!!

Yay I hear you cry...

It is yay but as you can imagine there are conditions attached and restrictions we have to put in place which also means we have had to change the way we operate.

1. You HAVE to book a table, yes even for just a drink...

2. We can only let you have tables of 6 people or less.

3. If you book an inside table you can't move to outside and vice versa.

4. Once you are sat at your table you can't wander around the pub or come to the bar. It is table service only (we will have an app for you to download) and you can only leave your table to use the toilet.

5. There will be a one way system in place and hand sanitisers to use and the toilets are strictly one in one out.

6. Tables can be booked from 12pm until 5pm or from 6pm until 11pm, food will stop at 8pm. We'll need the gap to do some cleaning and restocking.

7. We will need to know when you book if you're eating or not and also will need to take contact details which we will keep on file for 21 days.

Having said all that we're going to be opening with a BBQ and using our newly commissioned Smoker from Russ @rslfabrication - see pictures